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What is B Khata?

Before we understand what is B Khata, lets understand what is Khata and What is A Khata which will help us to understand what is B Khata?

Why Khata is required?

  • Khata is required for sale of property from one person to another
  • Getting a loan from bank
  • Payment of Tax to the government

Khata includes – Khata certificate and Khata Extract :

Contents of Khata Certificate :

  1. Certifies who is the owner of the property

Why we should have Khata Certificate and Khata Extract?

  1. We avail many facilities from the government for our basic needs like water, electricity etc.
  2. Hence to get Electricity connection and Water Connection we need to have Khata Certificate and Khata Extract is required
  3. For applying a loan
  4. For transfer of property other person

Contents of Khata Extract :

  1. Size of the property
  2. Nature of the property (Residential or Commercial)
  3. Tax to be paid
  4. Measurement of the property in case vacant of land and built up area with land measurement of the property

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    After understanding what is Khata extract and Khata Certificate, now lets understand what is A Khata and B Khata?

    What is A Khata and B Khata what is the difference between A Khata and B khata?


    • To apply for basic amenities like water connection, electricity connection etc we should have A Khata.
    • B Khata don’t have a building plan, hence people buying B Khata property face difficulty in getting the loan.
    • Since there was many unauthorized building in the town, to collect tax authorities issued B Khata so that the Tax can be collected from them and the detail are entered in “B register” that’s how the name is “B Khata”.
    • We at Home loans in Bangalore help client to get loan for B khata property which don’t have a building plan at very competitive rates. Which is as low as 9.5% in case of purchase of B khata Built ready to move in Built house.
    • We also help customers in getting “B Khata” mortgage loans at very competitive rates.
    • The team is managed by a team of experts who have expertise in doing loans for such properties.
    • On request we also help our clients in doing valuation of the property and verification of the tilte and legal clearance of the property which they are buying.
    • We have tied up with reputed Lawyers and Valuer’s who are empanelled with Nationalized banks having experience of more than 2 decades to help out customer in getting legal opinion and doing the valuation of the property.