Home Loan Balance Transfer

Home loan balance transfer helps you reduce your EMIs by moving your outstanding loan from another lender to top lenders where interest rate is lower than current interest rate. We will help you in finding lowest home loan interest rate at  8.30% to 8.60%.

Transfer your home loan in leading banks like

For a lower interest rate of 8.30% to 8.60%. You can also avail, extra amount as an top-up loan up to 80% of value of your home loan.

Lets understand this with an example

Value of House

1 Crore

Existing Home Loan Rate


Outstanding Home Loan

80 Lakhs

How we can structure existing Home Loan

New Home loan interest rate will be  8.6%
Savings on balance transfer of home loan is 0.9%,
That is difference between
Current home loan rate with existing bank – (a) rate of interest 9.5%
Minus New home loan interest are – (b) rate of interest 8.6%

Interest Savings on balance transfer of home loan to new bank – 0.9%

Amount Saved on balance transfer of home loan to new bank – 1,391,243

Hence save 13.91 lakhs

Savings From Housing Loan - Profittantra
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Other Benefits

1. Zero foreclosure on Home Loan

  • No charges if loan is closed before the completion of home loan tenure.
    Procedure for foreclosure of home loan
  • Call the customer support number of the bank, keep your loan account number ready, share the details of the loan and ask the support executive to send the foreclosure letter to your mail id.

2. No Pre-payment Charges –

  • Profit Tantra Financial Services provides you best home loan services, and help you to get loans from all leading banks at lower interest rate.

Most of the banks don’t send foreclosure statements through mail, in such cases client should visit the branch to get the foreclosure statement from the bank. In case there is no response from the bank – Contact Profit Tantra Operations Executive at 080 -41654424, our executive will help you to get the foreclosure statement.

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Why to choose Profit Tantra Financial Services for Balance Transfer of Home Loan?

  • Our home deserves the very best, including your home loan. At Profit Tantra Financial Services we understand your home loan needs. Now pay off any existing balance of home loan with Profit Tantra Financial Services Home Loan Balance Transfer at a lower rate of interest. Retain your home on terms and conditions that suits your needs.
  • Availing a home loan and repaying it back requires you to plan your finances well ahead of time. While doing so, you also needs to calculate and ascertain how much interest and principal you are paying throughout your tenure. This is highly recommended by all financial experts and home loan providers. Furthermore, all efforts should be taken to avoid financial burdens and unwelcome expenditures, so as to save your valuable money for yourself and your family
  • At Profit Tantra Financial Services, we offer a lower interest rate home loan transfer, keeping in mind the need to financially unburden our customers. Profit Tantra financial Services home loan balance transfer scheme can help reduce your EMI, so that your outgoing cash flow doesn’t affect your upcoming lifestyle expenses. If you happen to have a home loan from another financial body and wish to reduce your capital outflow, we suggest you transfer your home loan to us and enjoy better benefits than before.
  • Pre-payment facility – Individual borrowers can make part-prepayments without additional charges on home loans with floating interest rates
  • Expert Legal and Technical Counseling to Help You Make the Right Home Buying Decision.

Quick Processing

Superfast Loans, Instant Approval

Flexible loan repayment options.

Nil foreclosure charges

Attractive interest Rates

Customised repayment options

Types of FeesCharges Applicable
Interest rate8.30%  TO 8.60%
Processing feesRs. 11,800 Only
Processing feesFor Balance transfer of Home Loan Above 75 lakhs Nil
Loan statement chargesNILL
Interest and principal statement chargesNILL
Penal interestNILL
Login ChequeRs. 5900 Only

How to apply for Home Loan Balance Transfer ?

With PROFIT TANTRA FINANCIAL SERVICES we provide best services and offers for home loan Balance Transfer Or Mortgage Loan Balance Transfer

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